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meet our staff


Chris Tang


Joanne Sham

church administrator

Christine Tang-Lau


meet the church management committee

The objectives of the CMC are to: (1) fulfill the intent of the Church’s vision and mission statements; (2) lead the Church in its total programme of worship, education, prayer, outreach, and fellowship, and coordinate the activities related to this programme; (3) draw up the budget and its corresponding calendar of activities for each ministry for approval by Church members;  and (4) develop and recommend to Church members any necessary policies and procedures for the smooth running of the Church.

Election of members to the CMC for a calendar year takes place at the Annual General Meeting that is held in September of the preceding year.

Tom 2.jpg

ex officio, permanent position

Tom Wong

deacon & chairperson


ex officio, permanent position

Vicky Lam

deacon & vice-chairperson

Connie Ng

minister of fellowship

elected position

Matthew Chang

minister of outreach

elected position

Bobby To

youth minister

elected position

Stephen Won


elected position

Andy Fung

minister of finance

elected position

Christine Tang-Lau

CMC secretary

Administrator also serves as CMC Secretary


Yan Lai

minister of worship

elected position

Wing Chan

minister of Christian education

elected position

Winnie Chan

minister of prayer

elected position