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TPIBC has operating expenses that enable us to maintain our ministries. We are not supported by our Mother Church or any other organization; all of our funding comes from our congregants.

tithes & offerings

Every Sunday, offering bags are passed around during the worship service. Many people choose to give to the church at this time.

TPIBC accepts offerings in HK Dollars by either cash or cheques made out to "Tai Po International Baptist Church". Please use the offering envelopes and write your name and offering amount clearly on the envelopes in the space provided and place the money or cheque inside.

The Church Treasurer and Church Administrator are jointly responsible for counting and recording all tithes and offerings. Both parties must sign to verify the offering amount each week.

In March of each year, TPIBC will issue an official statement showing your annual offering amount for tax-deduction purposes. This information is completely confidential and is known only by the Church Treasurer and Church Administrator.

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our financial practices

The Ministry of Finance is an important area in determining that monies received through tithes and offerings are used appropriately in the various ministries. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the church’s receipts and disbursements are properly recorded according to regular accounting standards. Our financial accounts are submitted annually to the Finance Department of Tai Po Baptist Church (our Mother Church) and audited by an independent auditor.


Apart from small purchases from the petty cash account, all of TPIBC's expenditures are by cheque, prepared by the Church Administrator and signed by any two of the authorized signatories, which include the deacons, Minister of Finance and other Church Management Committee (CMC) members who are not employed by TPIBC. None of TPIBC's employees are authorized to sign cheques.




TPIBC is responsible for setting its own budget, with each ministry's budget being proposed by the Ministry Leader. The consolidated budget is then approved by the CMC. Each year, we present our finalized budget to the Mother Church's Deacons board.


Since 2011, TPIBC has been financially self-sufficient, which means that the tithes and offerings have been able to support all the church's activities and expenditures. Should there be a surplus at the end of the year, this is added to the church's savings account. No mission organization or convention contributes to the budget of TPIBC.


TPIBC also has a substantial Church Building Fund reserve which has been designated for the use of procuring or securing our own property in the future.

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missions offerings

TPIBC collects special offerings for missions during Lent (usually the Sundays of March) and Christmas (the Sundays of December) each year.

In June 2015, we set up a Missions Fund into which all offerings designated for "missions" go. Every 6 months, the monies collected in this Fund are sent to carefully selected organizations that have been vetted by the CMC for good and transparent financial practices, management structure and policies. If you feel led by the Holy Spirit to contribute to the Missions Fund, please write down "Missions" on the offering envelope or on the back of your cheque (cheques should be made out to "Tai Po International Baptist Church").

In past years, we have supported missionaries and Christian work in China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and West Africa. TPIBC also donates to various disaster relief funds when needed, such as when Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in November 2013.

In 2013, we supported 12 missionaries and 12 children for 1 year through Gospel for Asia's National Missionaries and Bridge of Hope programmes. Gospel for Asia (GfA) sends 100% of all money received to be used in the mission field. In 2014, we continued our support for the 12 national missionaries through GfA.

In 2015, we supported Agape International Missions (AIM), which was founded on the ground in Cambodia in 1989 as a humanitarian aid and church planting organization in Cambodia. Since 2005, their ministries have focused on ending the evil of child sexual slavery. From their website: "AIM is Christ's Church fighting the ground war on sex trafficking in Cambodia. Our projects prevent, rescue, restore and reintegrate, impacting 10,000+ people a year." Find out more about AIM's story at their website.


In May 2015, we collected love offerings for Nepal earthquake relief work. All donations collected were sent to Gospel for Asia (GfA) specifically for earthquake relief work in Nepal. The two main reasons the CMC selected this organization out of the many were because: (1) GfA already has a network of local missionaries and “Bridge of Hope” centres in place throughout Nepal ministering to their local communities, so we were assured that the money would go directly to those in need; and (2) 100% of donations go to the field for maximum impact.

Recipients since the Missions Fund was set up:

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